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Benefits of Volunteering

  • Hands on work experience - “28% of unemployed volunteers said that their volunteering had helped them gain employment." — Canadian Centre for Philanthropy
  • Improve communication skills - “68% of volunteers said that volunteering helped them to develop better communication skills.” — Canadian Centre for Philanthropy
  • Improve interpersonal skills - “79% of volunteers said that their volunteer activities helped them with their interpersonal skills.” — Canadian Centre for Philanthropy
  • Fulfill required hours (Confirmation of hours available on an individual basis)
  • Contribute to your community
  • Work in a team environment
  • Meet and interact with a variety of people from different backgrounds and with varied life experiences

Board of Director Positions

Our organizational mission, vision and values cannot be met without the dedication of our Board Members. Our Board consists of eight to ten members and we ask for a minimum two year commitment.

Governance Structure
SLEC is overseen by a 10 member community volunteer Board of Directors that is elected in accordance with its bylaws. Board members are selected based on their skills, expertise and passion for seniors. The Board provides leadership and sets the strategic direction and priorities for SLEC and these are implemented by a qualified team of professionals. The Board is accountable to its clients, funders, the community and donors. It is accountable for appointing the Executive Director (ED) to achieve SLEC’s goals. The Board oversees SLEC’s strategic direction and the performance of the ED, who in turn is responsible for implementing the strategic direction and daily operations.

Board Director Competencies

The Board collectively is to have representation with expertise in:

  • strategic management;
  • accounting and finance;
  • communications, fundraising or marketing;
  • human resources;
  • quality and risk management;
  • legal expertise;
  • knowledge of the non-profit sector and its regulatory environment;
  • knowledge of issues affecting the seniors’ community, health system and the people served by SLEC.

Governance Experience

It is preferred that new Directors have prior Board/governance experience, but this is not required.  It is important that Board Director candidates understand the responsibilities of being a Board member and have the necessary experience to contribute to board decision-making and oversight.

SLEC is interested in new Board members with any of the following attributes:

  • Legal expertise;
  • General administrative experience;
  • Fundraising or marketing expertise;
  • Board governance, strategic planning, and quality/performance measurement experience

Time Commitment and Expectations

Board members are also expected to contribute to the organization by:

  • Attending and participating in all board and committee meetings;
  • Actively participate on Board committees and at retreats
  • Attend SLEC client and caregiver social events from time to time

The Board meeting are on a set schedule of approximately 6 regular meetings (monthly or bi-monthly) on Monday’s from approximately 6 to 8 pm as well as an AGM.  Meetings take place at SLEC located at 2030 Bristol Circle, Oakville.    Board work is supported by Board committees which focus on governance, education and quality and risk.

In addition, board members serve on a board committee and attend 2 half day retreats.  Board committees typically meet monthly at times convenient to all members.  

Process for Submitting Expressions of Interest

The nominations committee reviews and updates the skills matrix, interviews prospective candidates and provides recommendations to the Board for new members. To apply , please click the button below. 

Student Placement

Seniors Life Enhancement Centres accept Student placements from a variety of programs to help enrich the student learning experience. Students are accepted from affiliated, Universities, Colleges, High Schools, and other Learning Institutions.

Some Programs we have hosted placements from include: 

  • Social Service Worker (Gerontology)
  • Activity Coordinator (Gerontology)
  • Registered Practical Nursing
  • Personal Support Worker

Current partnered schools or institutions: 

  • Sheridan College
  • University of Guelph Humber
  • Humber College

Employment Opportunities